AASD Fact Sheet

AASD Fact Sheet

Board of Directors: Board Advisors:
Dr. Paul Burton, DO Dr. John Steinmann, DO
Dr. Charles Edwards, MD Monica Peterson
Dr. Tom Eickmann, MD
Dr. Roland Winter, MD Executive Director:
Steve Huckabaa Kevin Pugar, CPA


The AASD’s mission is to protect patients, promote healthcare savings, and develop, endorse, and enforce standards for the advancement of ethical and legal surgeon-owned distributorships.


The American Association of Surgeon Distributors is a public benefit non-profit association. The purpose of the association is to provide an industry-recognized set of standards for surgeon-owned distributorships and to grant membership to those distributorships that are fully compliant.

Standards and Criteria for Membership:

    1. Distributorship maintains a business structure consistent with Federal Self-Referral and Anti-Kickback statutes, and reports in compliance with the Physician Payment Sunshine Act.
    2. Distributorship demonstrates merit by proving to be the lowest average cost vendor of like implants during a comparable contract period.
    3. Distributorship annual price increases to customers do not exceed 3% above the consumer price index (CPI).
  1. Distributorship is a legitimate, free-standing stocking Distribution Company with employees, contracts, an address, a business license, and insurance.
  2. Distributorship demonstrates adherence to the AASD Product Evaluation Policy.*
  3. Distributorship demonstrates adherence to the AASD Employee Training Policy.*
  4. Distributorship demonstrates adherence to the AASD Disclosure Policy.*
  5. Distributorship demonstrates adherence to the AASD Investment and Distribution Policy.*
  6. Distributorship submits utilization data annually and demonstrates adherence to the AASD Appropriate Use Monitoring Policy.*
  7. Distributorship has written contracts with hospitals, with pricing that is consistent among hospitals within geographically isolated markets, and contract periods of at least one year.
  8. Distributorship does not leverage referrals to any hospital or surgery center.
  9. Distributorship does not require, pressure, or otherwise leverage physician owners’ use of the Distributorship devices.

* Click on each policy for expanded definitions.