Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

Corporate Members of the AASD are manufacturers and companies that demonstrate support for surgeon owned distributorships practicing with transparent and ethical behavior, and in a manner that benefits society. Demonstrating support is defined as one or all of the following:

  1. Currently doing business with a surgeon-owned distributorship.
  2. Striving to educate the marketplace on surgeon-owned distribution.
  3. Willingness to sell products to a surgeon-owned distributorship.

Corporate Members must share the desire to implement positive change and efficiencies to reduce the cost of healthcare, and, if a manufacturer, do so while continuously producing high quality medical devices.

Benefits of Membership

  1. Public recognition of a commitment to the ethical and compliant distributorship model.
  2. First-hand access to enterprising surgeons and introduction to all new distributorship members.
  3. Invitation to AASD meetings with tabletop space.
  4. Listed in the AASD online directory with link directing to company’s website
  5. Opportunity to be featured in the AASD newsletters to highlight new products, personnel, etc.
  6. Routinely receive timely information that provides updates on legislative, regulatory, and policy developments affecting surgeon-owned distributorships.

Criteria for Corporate Membership 

  1. Signed endorsement of the AASD Standards and Policies
  2. Commitment to educate all distributorships with surgeon ownership on the AASD Standards and Policies
  3. Provide technical support and personnel training to all surgeon owned distributorships

If a Manufacturing Company is applying for corporate membership, the following is also required:

  1. Compliance with 21 CFR Part 820/FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  2. No outstanding FDA warning letters*
  3. Compliance with the AdvaMedÒ Code of Ethics
  4. Adherence to a stocking distribution model with all surgeon owned distributorships

*If a member company does receive a warning letter from the FDA, a copy of the corrective action plan must be received within 45 days from the date of letter receipt in order to maintain membership status.

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