Newly Launched American Association of Surgeon Distributors Sets Standards

June 9, 2011 (Costa Mesa, CA) – The Board, along with its esteemed advisors, announce the official launch of the American Association of Surgeon Distributors (AASD). After almost a year of dialogue with surgeons, hospitals, and industry veterans, the AASD Standards were established. Now there is a mechanism to publicly recognize distributors and vendors that not only comply with Federal laws, but that operate transparently, in the best interest of society and their patients, and that seek to reduce costs in healthcare.

“Surgeon owned distribution has proven to be very successful at reducing costs in healthcare. As we enter an era with a focus on more responsible healthcare spending, it’s important that we promote those distributorships that are operating ethically, in the best interest of society and their patients,” commented Dr. Paul Burton, chairman of the board. The American Association of Surgeon Distributors (AASD) was formed as a response to an expressed desire by surgeons, hospitals and implant companies to have a means to qualify entities committed to positive patient outcomes and healthcare savings. The AASD has established a stringent set of standards to ensure compliance, disclosure, quality, and cost savings. The importance of transparency is paramount for any surgeon distributorship.

“Surgeon Owned Distribution allows surgeons, who are the most knowledgeable about the products, to negotiate on behalf of hospitals, resulting in unsurpassed cost savings. In order to make healthcare more affordable for our nation, surgeons and hospitals increasingly need to align. Now the AASD can assure hospitals that its distributorships are operating ethically and with merit,” stated Monica Peterson, board member.

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