Traditional Medical Device Distribution vs. Ethically Structured Physician Owned Distribution (ePOD)

Traditional Distribution

  • Distributor looks to maximize profits
  • Distributor has no patient relationship
  • Distributor has no hospital relationship
  • Purchase governed by surgeon/rep relationship
  • No price competition among like implants
  • No savings through volume purchasing
  • Considerable sales rep and distributor salaries
  • Prices inflated to double what they should be
  • 20 year excess cost to the healthcare system $700 billion dollars

  • Distributor focused on healthcare savings
  • Distributor has direct patient relationship
  • Distributor has close hospital relationship
  • Purchase governed by quality/price
  • Competition fostered among like implants
  • Additional savings through volume purchasing
  • Appropriate service rep salaries
  • Verified Implant savings of 35-40%
  • 20 year savings to the healthcare system $700 Billion Dollars

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